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We help those in need by tackling every task with zeal

Zeal Collective is a group of companies run by individuals who care for our communities.


It’s where the traditional business model of profits before people is shunned. Instead we strive to use our skills, knowledge and resources to help others.


(n.) great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective; eager desire or endeavour; enthusiastic diligence.

Zeal is not aligned with luck or good fortune. In fact, it believes that hard work makes it possible to support those less fortunate than ourselves.

Our Core Values



We use our skill, knowledge and commitment to help our clients solve problems they are unable to tackle themselves.



We want to help those less fortunate than us. Contributing to a strong social fabric will ensure a better future for our children.



By being honest with ourselves and others, we will earn trust. When our clients trust our advice they become loyal advocates.



We have an unwavering enthisuasm and energy for what we do, and the persistence to see every task through.

We believe that zeal, kindness, honesty and hard work will help grow our business. And greater resources means we can help more people.

You’re in luck…

The one‑call solution to all your commercial & residential building maintenance needs.

We provide a comprehensive range of building maintenance and licensed trade services to commercial and residential clients all over Adelaide. From carpentry, electrical and defits to painting, commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning and plumbing, i do maintenance can do it all. We offer helpful advice and supply expert tradespeople to ensure you receive the highest quality service and finish on all your building maintenance requirements.

Have you got zeal?
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